The Glory of young men is their strength  and the Splendor of  old man is their  gray head. (Proverbs  20:29)
What is Senior Fellowship at Freedom In Christ Ministry? 
Our fellowship  group serves as an outlet to other seniors inside and outside of the church. A means of providing meaningful  relationships  with  other  seniors.  We outreach to other seniors who have not yet surrendered their  lives to Christ.  Our focus is on helping identify  the  particular  gifts, skills, mental,  physical and  Spiritual  calling in the work of God. We do home visits to seniors who are more frail and others who are homebound  and have difficulty  completing  everyday tasks. 
We are here to help find the answers to your questions about our Senior Fellowship  and to help make independence a realty in your life, all of this  in Jesus’ name.
The group meets every 2nd Thursday  of each month at 10:30-11:30 am at the church.
For more information, please call (617) 822 9777
God bless you.