Leonard DeCordova

My testimony

Before the Lord began to transform my life a few years ago, I was living under a life of curses. My sentimental life, finances, health and spiritual well-being were all but destroyed. As a person, I suffered with low self-esteem and lack of trust for anyone. For years I had been going from church to church seeking for acceptance but never finding it. For most of my life, I dealt with rejection and betrayal from family members. In an attempt to escape my reality and deal with this pain, I started viewing inappropriate material on the internet which very quickly became a very serious addiction. As you can imagine, my life was a total and complete mess!

Then one day I came to this ministry and as I began to receive the teachings and the prayers, my life started to change. I learned how to be faithful and obedient to God in my finances, and in my relationship with Jesus Christ and I began to see tremendous results in my life. To begin with, my sentimental life became blessed! I got married to a wonderful woman of God! My finances became blessed. I am healed from Diabetes! My relationship with Christ grows stronger each and everyday. My faith and trust in God has been revived, restored and renewed! No more wandering from church to church for here in this ministry, I have found a home! I have discovered a new family of brothers and sisters in-Christ who truly care about one another. I am loved and accepted here by others and most importantly, by God.

I have also overcome my addiction to inappropriate materials on the internet. My family and friends have witnessed the positive changes in my life. Now I no longer walk in fear but in faith and victory!