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At Freedom in Christ Ministry you will find caring servants of God and a friendly congregation who are dedicated to leading you to a fruitful relationship with God. Our focus is to see the fullness of God manifest in your life through, Salvation, Deliverance, Divine Healing and working to build strong relationships in family through God’s Word.

We believe that a church should be a warm and welcoming place where you can feel God’s Love and comfort among His people, a place where you can grow in Christ Jesus in fullness of The Holy Spirit.

If you are seeking for a church home, we invite you to visit us and consider becoming a part of our family at Freedom in Christ Ministry.

I have been young, and now am old. Yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken. Nor his descendants begging bread.
We will never beg bread nor our children in Jesus  name. The children of the righteous need not go hungry because other believers should help them in their time of need. When we see a christian brother or sister suffering today, we can respond in so many ways. Although many government today have their own programs for helping those in need, this is no excuse for ignoring the poor and needywithin our reach.
Therefore, if you would like to have God direct your way, then seek His guidance before you step out.Those who follow God live differently from the wicked and, in the  end will have treasure in heaven.What an unbeliever gets on earth may last a lifetime, but what believers get following God last for ever,  Amen.

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We offer several opportunities for you and your family to get involved in ministries at our church designed to grow and strengthen your faith alongside others. It's our desire to create environments where other people in the same stages and phases of life can develop authentic relationships with one another while being encouraged to grab hold of how God's truth intersects with and impacts their lives. Our ministry programs all center on gathering as a community around the Word of God and living lives modeled after Christ. 

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Upcoming Events

We have many opportunities to get and stay involved. Check out our calendar for upcoming events and and to see what we have going on this month! 

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